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Mauritius Travel Data up to 06 October 2021

Week leading to 3rd October, day three of the official border re-opening of Mauritius, saw a net increase in fresh forward bookings of 6,214 tourists. An 18% increase over the previous weeks booking numbers.

27% of total bookings were received out of the UK, followed by a share of 23% of the bookings coming out of France.

South Africa continues to provide encouraging indications of forward bookings, with additional 462 reservations received in one week.

General Cancelations continue to hover around 4%, and the trend is on the decrease. Cancellations are dominated by French travelers for the time being.

Booking lead days are increasingly shortened, with the bulk of all fresh bookings coming in for the month of October 2021.

Compared to the Indian Ocean region’s other tourism destinations, the Maldives picked up nearly 50% of all fresh bookings from last week. Mauritius secured 17% of all bookings, and this is an improvement over recent weeks.

Comparatively to 2019, Q4 of the current year shows a 71% reduction in booking numbers, but this number is improving in the right direction, down from 74% the previous week.

Mauritius consolidates its role as leader in the French market’s forward bookings with a total of 48% of all bookings taken last week. Market share out of the UK also progresses to 38% oa all bookings.

Scheduled seat capacity is growing in line with demand forecasts, growing by 382% from the month of September to the month of October, with an end of month’s capacity of 82,000 seats available in October. Expected to grow by an additional 70% seat capacity by the end of December. For the time being it would appear that sufficient seats are available, but close monitoring is recommended.

Flight costs remain a critical issue to take stock. Our main competitors in the Indian Ocean remain cost efficient by a staggering average of 21% in October for business class seats, and 15% in economy.

Q1 – 2022 forward booking numbers remain limited, but this is explained by the very lead time of bookings coming in. Predictions for 2022 are challenged by the nature of booking trends. The French market dominates future bookings for 2022 though.

Early October saw a peak in Google traffic for Mauritius. The same can be said of the Maldives.

Social Media activities for Mauritius have seen some important growth in audiences and engagements in early October, with +11% engagements on Facebook and a staggering +70% on Instagram. Despite lagging the Maldives on Instagram activities – engagements, Mauritius is a clear leader on the Facebook ladder.

From a quality – reputation angle, Mauritius is doing rather well. The Global Rating Score of Mauritius on the ReviewPro scale is 86.2%, whilst we are seeing competing destinations dropping their weekly scores significantly on the back of poor services and possibly value for money concerns.

auritius also improves its Semantic key words reputation index. As a whole the perception of the destination’s quality is improving.

On the hospitality front, our pricing remains comparatively very low in the 5 star and 4 star categories when benchmarked against the Maldives and the Seychelles. From a large sample of hotels, entry pricing for mid-November indicates Mauritius hotel rooms in 5 star hotels are 72% cheaper on average. Whilst they are 56% cheaper in the 4 star category. In conclusion, our destination can hardly pretend being a luxury destination with such pricing variances.
Conflicting issues to further evaluate with expensive air tickets and cheap hotels. A concern when one can imagine that tourists picking cheaper hotels will likely look at the air ticket pricing with concern?

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