Nilen Vencadasmy

Travel Intelligence Insight Report by Nilen Vencadasmy

It’s no secret that the Covid pandemic has shaken the travel and tourism industry to its core. But the pandemic also brought the opportunity to not only rebuild but also reimagine and reinforce the tourism trade.

Initiatives are already being reported from across the globe, showing that innovative technology and artificial intelligence, public-private partnerships like the one strongly in place in Mauritius now, the introduction of innovative technologies and data analytics are becoming the emerging norms that will help to fast-track the sector towards its recovery.

Recent international research has shown that travelers tend to use, on average, almost 40 travel sites. They also increasingly use social media for travel tips or to post their holiday photos. Many also pay for much of their trips online. This allows for a huge amount of information and insights, which, if used properly, can allow wider engagement with travelers, while giving essential insights to all travel and tourism sector stakeholders, including operators, policy makers and investors.

Accelerated some time back already, the MTPA has further fire-powered its strategy of optimization of its digital assets. A dedicated team has been hard at work not only for the upgrading of all of the MTPA’s digital tools, but also spent a lot of energy on research. It was indeed essential for the MPTA, as a ‘data-driven’ marketing organisation whereby projects are in synchronisation to each ‘key market’ context, to have a contextualized approach to data.

It is, therefore, our privilege to present to our key collaborators, stakeholders of the tourism sector, the first issue of the ‘Travel Intelligence Insights Report’. This ‘twice monthly’ report will provide insights about internet analytics, Indian Ocean trends, forward-looking data, competition and would be tuned to market happenings as we progress towards the grand re-opening.

It is our wish that as business collaborators, we gain as much insights as possible, so that we can together successfully and increasingly ensure a competitive industry which will be even more adaptable, inclusive and sustainable.

Nilen Vencadasmy

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