#Mauritiusnow campaign

The MTPA has announced the launch on the 27 October 2020, of the #MauritiusNow campaign, the inception, elaboration and implementation of which is the result of an unprecedented public-private collaborative approach.

The campaign aims at restoring the image of Mauritius as a prime destination in the wake of the announcement of a phased reopening of the island’s borders.

In addition to safeguarding Mauritius’s brand positioning in our various markets, the campaign has been designed to boost the destination image and restore facts in the aftermath of the recent oil spill incident.

As ‘seeing is believing’, the campaign uses engaging visuals to remind the world that our island remains a prime tourist destination with pristine lagoons, lush vegetation and a welcoming population. A dedicated #MauritiusNow microsite is now live while its contents will also be disseminated via social media platforms, e-newsletters and blogs. The site includes live videos captured by webcams installed at key locations of the island to show the lagoons and beaches of Mauritius as they are NOW. This is complemented with spectacular drone footage shot over various parts of the island.

A series of videos portrays Mauritians in their daily activities showing that our island is a safe destination buzzing with life. The campaign also includes a series of reports on projects currently underway to rehabilitate the environment in the south eastern part of the island.
Consult the #MauritiusNow landing page at:

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