app de Holdem

Holdem Dynamcis a lancé le mobile app

Dans quelques heures, le groupe Holdem va lancer pour les smartphone l’application

Selon la direction:-

This app will help the country to easily trace any infected people

A GPS tracker is integrated in the app so that the exact historical locations of the infected person are obtained :

Location logs provide time of where the citizen has been . By logging his location constantly through the corona app , in the event the users get infected, the crowdsourcing feature will allow the authorities to obtain instantly the list of persons who have been near him through a given period of time. This allows a reduction of the spread of the virus across Mauritius and a faster turnaround to help fight the pandemic attack of COVID 19.

– Engagement tool between authorities and general public
– Transparent and official announcement of COVID 19
– Accurate Traceability
– Preventive measures to control and manage the outbreak
-To reduce panic and hysteria among population
– Latest alerts and Pandemic updates
– App will provide all preventive measures
– Provide accurate information to manage flu symptoms
– Screening tools to assess the risk level of COVID – 19

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