Major Lazer

Major Lazer à Cote D’Or

Adrenaline Factory a confirmé à travers un communiqué de presse que le concert de Major Lazer aura bien lieu le 21 décembre 2019 dans le parking du Complexe Sportif de Cote D’Or.

We have taken the response to shift the venue from Mont Choisy Le Mall to Cote D’Or Stadium (Parking facilities) for the Major Lazer concert this Saturday 21st of December. This shift is due to security and safety concerns caused by an excessive demand on existing infrastructure, traffic flow, parking constrains which collectively hinder the ease of flow and movement of both attendees as well as necessary emergency services such as Ambulances & Police.

We apologies for the this very late announcement and the inconvenience caused. It was not our intention but when we analysed the security risk with consideration of recent developments in the Mont Choisy area. We were presented various scenarios to all stakeholders to come up with an ideal solution to allow the party to continue with the only option to move it to a more open and safer environment that is more accessible in a way which Cote D’or Complex stadium presented as a viable solution which pleased all stakeholders and for this reason, took us longer than it should on our side.

This announcement only being made 3 days before the even was not ideal but the efforts for this event was the result of weeks of work and continuous assessment of the situation. We and all stakeholders, now fully believe we can give you a world class production and experience while not putting your safety at risk. We hope to see you there and give you an experience only a collaborative effort could produce. We are doing this for you the Fan and people of Mauritius.

Due to the current size of the party and growing interest, we were also looking to make it available to everyone interested but was unable to get their hands on a ticket.

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